Cannabis may not be your first thought when thinking about intimacy but everything from choosing products together, to testing topicals, or cooking as a team can bring you and your partner closer. A Stanford University study in 2018 said cannabis users, both male and female, have sex more often and better sex in general. So, with that in mind, I chatted with two of Canada’s leading ladies in the cannabis sector to get their expertise on enhancing your love life with cannabis.

Antuanette Gomez is the CEO & Founder of Pleasure Peaks, the leading cannabis brand for improving women’s sexual health. Antuanette has a background in Holistic Nutrition and through her, I learned how cannabis can help more women (and men!) enjoy an optimal sex life.

In 2019, Mimi Lam was awarded the Womxn in Weed Trailblazer at the Lift & Co awards while her company Superette took home Top Retail Store, Top Startup, and Top Budtender. As a leader in the cannabis industry, her experience and expertise are driving the industry forward.

Sex: Choosing The Right Products

THC and CBD can be used to reduce anxiety-related with sexual performance, however, too much THC can cause anxiety so it’s important to know your dose and start slow. Think of the experience you want to create before choosing a product and how that product will enhance it. Talking to a budtender or the company you’re ordering from will empower you with the knowledge to help narrow down which products will be best for you (and your partner!). For example, topicals can be used to arouse certain areas of the body, edibles offer a whole-body experience while smoking together can be a shared ritual.

Cannabis Consumption Tips from The Experts

Cannabis legalization has brought more widespread knowledge about the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a complex cell signalling system inside each of our bodies. Cannabinoids are compounds found in cannabis that signal receptors in the central nervous system. Antuanette recommends playing with different methods of consumption, “the cannabis experience is very different from smoking a joint to eating an edible. Smoking has a shorter onset experience making it the perfect pair for a fun “quickie”, whereas an edible or infused massage oil has a longer enhanced experience making it perfect for pleasure moments.”

Finger in Lube

Topicals (Lube & Massage Oils)

I was keen to get Antuanette’s expertise here as her company Pleasure Peaks aims to change the fact that women’s sexual health is the least studied and funded area of the human body in medicine. She recommends starting with oils and lubes if you’re not sure where to begin.

Couples can use cannabis-infused oils for a sensual massage that can help ease aching muscles while making the person feel more ‘in their body’ and open to receiving pleasure. This is a great place to start since there are cannabinoid receptors all over the skin for easy absorption.

“I love a cannabis topical that’s safe for genitals, like MCT oil, although oils aren’t compatible with condoms. Use the cannabis topicals around 10 min before intercourse as it takes some time to kick in. Thankfully for women, we have a very high mucosa area in the vulva for easy absorption and pleasure. This has been know to help mitigate pain during sex and relax pelvic muscles that make achieving orgasm much easier. “

– Antuanete Gomez, Pleasure Peaks

Smoking Cannabis

If you’re smoking cannabis, each puff varies so it’s possible to consume too much and have an impaired effect. To mitigate this from happening, Antuanette recommends trying a 1:1 (THC: CBD) to help clear the mind and heighten pleasure. Also start by consuming 2 – 4 puffs and wait 15 minutes before another dose is considered.

Mimi’s recommendation is to figure out what exactly you’re looking for cannabis to do in the intimate space, and then look for an associating smell. “Uplifting scents are usually associated with similar vibes. Grounding scents are usually associated with earthy, chill vibes. Bring it back to aromatherapy: do you want grounded and sensual, or wild and active?”


This past summer my partner and I tried making edibles using our sous vide after I took a class with Monica Lo, aka Sousweed. It was a great way to work on a project together and make something we could both enjoy. The whole process of going through each step, then testing the final product was a great way to bring us together.

When consuming, it’s important to consider a person’s personal experience with cannabis, and how often or much they consume. Mimi suggests to “start low on the THC scale (5 – 10 mg THC) and consider including a little CBD in your practice, it will help mitigate any adverse side effects. Nobody wants a nervous, anxious time between the sheets!”

With edibles, the results can be different for each person depending on your experience with cannabis, your personal endocannabinoid system (how you process THC), and the contents of your stomach at the time. Taking edibles with food is best. I am personally a big fan of Twisted Extracts Sativa Jelly Bombs in Mango and the 1:1 CBD Sativa caramels. The dosage is clearly marked so you know what you’re getting and they taste really good.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis can help us let our guard down, allowing us to surrender to pleasure, creating an opportunity to communicate about sexual desires and fantasies. Introducing something new and novel like cannabis into your relationship helps you to explore together, building intimacy, helping you feel more connected. With so many new products on the market, this is true for new cannabis users or experienced connoisseurs.

Please use cannabis responsibly and remember, safe sex is fun sex! This goes for protection as well as consumption.

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