five Canadian podcasts that will educate you about cannabis and the industry. Puff Digital Into the Weeds

The world of cannabis can be a bit hard to understand. From CBD to edibles, topicals, medical, and recreational, there’s a lot to take in. It can be hard to find concise and correct information. In my quest to learn more about the plant, I’ve listened to some great podcasts and been a guest on a few. Each podcast here will help you elevate your current knowledge by learning from smart people making waves in the space.

I’ve narrowed down five Canadian podcasts that will educate you about cannabis and the industry.

1. Business of Cannabis: The 4:19

Hosted by Jay Rosenthal, The 4:19 is a live podcast where people call in to discuss a variety of topics surrounding the business of cannabis. This show and website has grown exponentially over the last year and you can count on for a suite of resources and up to date news about the industry. I had the opportunity to be on the show on 10/17, legalization day in Canada where Rosenthal hosted a 2-hour episode featuring people calling in from around the world. The podcast covers a wide variety of topics from cannabis at work, to interviews with LPs, marketing, PR, and legal.

2. High Tea

You’ll feel relaxed the moment you press play, this one is great when I’m working or out for a walk. HIGHTEA is “high-vibe entertainment for people who also love weed” and I love the soothing sound of the host’s voice. Hosted by Jen Newton aka Newtz, this podcasts features one guest and topic per episode. She chats with a professional athlete about cannabis in sport, the Rebel Mamas about cannabis and parenting, healing, etiquette, and test out edibles. One of the cool things to note is they host a rolling salon where you can learn how to roll joints. I went to one last summer and highly recommend signing up to get in line for the spring sessions.

High Tea: five Canadian podcasts that will educate you about cannabis and the industry.

3. Puff Digital: Into The Weeds

This podcast exists to de-stigmatize what a cannabis user looks like. I love this concept because many people have been ‘in the closet’ about consuming cannabis, and they’re finally opening up. Despite the old ‘stoner’ image, there’s a whole lot of smart, educated, upstanding members of society who smoke weed. IntoThe Weeds explores how their guest first tried cannabis, how they use it in their life now, and thoughts on the industry. I had the opportunity to sit down with the hosts in Toronto recently and share my own story. Listen to all episodes here.

4. The Dopist

The Dopist chats with activists, artists and entrepreneurs about shaping recreational cannabis in Canada. Topics range from current events to industry insights, healing, CBD & recovery, and what to do if you get too high. Hosted by Zoe Brownstone, this podcast is your guide to navigating the Canadian cannabis industry. Episodes averages around 30 minutes and I find it great for short commutes and morning inspiration. Visit the website at and find them on Instagram @thedopist

five Canadian podcasts that will educate you about cannabis and the industry. The Dopist.

5. Leafly’s: ‘The High Life’

Presented by Leafly, The High Life brings together an eclectic group to chat about their affinity for cannabis. The hosts both share a love for the plant but come from quite different backgrounds. Sarah Hanlon is outspoken, hilarious, and the winner of Big Brother Canada Season 3. Ian Campeau is an award winning DJ, artist, and founding member of A Tribe Called Red. I love the mix of Campeau’s super chill vibe and Sarah’s high energy, she’s really funny. Their goal is to have conversations with people you might not expect to be cannabis consumers. I especially liked the episode on doing dabs and learning about The High Society Supper Club.

Leafly's The High Life: Five Canadian podcasts that will educate you about cannabis and the industry.


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