Since legalization we’ve been blessed with a wave of beautifully designed cannabis accessories. Long gone are the days of storing your bud in a plastic bag, a good storage container can keep your cannabis fresh, disguise the scent, function as home decor, or allow you to transport it in style.

Here you’ll find a range of gift options in price, size, and for short or long-term storage. It’s important to note that if you have kids or pets around, a storage solution with a lock will help keep paws off substances that are for adults only.

If you are planning to store your cannabis long-term, you’ll want to seal it in an airtight container to preserve humidity and keep it fresh. To preserve the humidity of your flower, try adding a Bovida pack which can be purchased online or at select retailers.

CVault Airtight Storage – $26.95

Made from food-grade stainless steel, these containers are an odour-free way to store your cannabis and will keep it fresh for months. The lid has a convenient slot for a Bovida pack and each jar can hold 10-14 grams.

BRNT Designs, Malua Concrete Stash Jar – $35

If you’re not yet familiar with BRNT Designs, allow me to introduce you to some of the most beautifully designed pipes, bongs, and accessories I’ve ever seen. Founded in 2017, BRNT grew from a Canadian crowdfunding campaign to create a beautiful bong and surpassed it’s $20,000 goal in just over a month. Maximizing function with minimal design, BRNT makes cannabis accessories for the ‘cultured connoisseur’.

The Malula concrete stash jar has split storage to organize your strains and looks so nice you’ll want to have it on display. It comes in marble or black and also has a matching ashtray and rolling tray.

Tokyo Smoke Abscent Bankers Bag – $35

This durable scent-free bag from Tokyo Smoke comes in two sizes and is great for travel.  The double-lined interior, double velcro seal, and activated carbon lining help to conceal the smell of your bud. The bag is also antimicrobial and has a water-resistant exterior.

Jonathan Adler x HS Smolder Triangle Box, Miss Grass – $70

Made from porcelain, this beautiful triangle container is a great gift for the design lover in your life. Jonathan Adler first launched his ceramics collection in 1993 at Barney’s New York, and you can find this and other cannabis accessories designed by him on

Fashionably High – Signature Stashtray Set – $69.95

This set comes in white, gold, or black and unpacks to include a stash tray, ashtray with a lid. It’s definitely one of the prettiest cannabis accessories I’ve seen and can be purchased online or in-store at The Friendly Stranger.

Verdie Vie Iconic Stash Case – $115

Canadian company Verdie Vie created this dark green, crocodile stash case in collab with Tsubota Pearl from Japan. With gold embossing on the front, this stylish case will allow you to travel with up to six pre-rolled joints. This is on my wish list!

RYOT LOCK-R Box w/ 3 Jars & Tray – $199.95

With a lock and key to keep your stash from getting into the wrong hands, this wooden RYOT storage box comes with three jars, adjustable dividers, and a rolling tray.

Originals Apothecary Case – $259

This luxury case is an all-in-one solution for the serious connoisseur and looks to redefine the smoking experience. Made from high-quality wood, this locking humidor will keep your cannabis fresh and secure. Inside you’ll find space to store four strains in glass jars, humidity control packs, dab containers, a travel container, a removable rolling tray, a grinder, and space for papers and other tools.

I’d like to wish you happy holidays and please, no matter how you decide to consume your cannabis this holiday season, don’t drive high.

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